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Message From The President - January 5, 2017

To all members of MEGS

Hello all, I believe you all enjoyed the year 2016 and I hereby wish you all the happiness coming in 2017.

The new term(2017-2018) of MEGS Committee members and Offices Bearers have just kicked off and I am pleased to report to you the procedures that were officially formed and accepted.

This year, 19 committee members were proposed, seconded and passed at at the committee election meeting on December 29 2016. President Eric Ma announced the new committee was officially formed and the election result is as follows:

President - Mr. Jackie Wong

Vice President-1 - Mr. Keith Ho

Vice President-2 - Mr. Lee Kin Lam

Hon Life President- Mr. Victor Law

Hon Treasurer - Mr. Tommy Lai

Hon Secretary - Mr. Kevin Siu

IPP - Mr. Eric Ma

Chief Activities Manager - Mr. Donny Ng

Activities Managers - Mr. Simon Chan, Mr. KC Chung, Mr. Alwin Tsang, Mr. KH Shum

Chief Function Manager - Mr. Andy Lam

Function Manager - Mr. Raymond To

Handicap Controller- Mr. KB Wong

Rules Manager - Mr. Brian Ng

PR Manager - Mr. Victor Law

Price Manager - Mr. James Li

Captain/Team Captain (Electrical) - Mr. Brian Ng

Team Captain(Mechanical) - Mr. Peter Poon

Web Site Administrator - Mr. Raymond To

Membership Manager - Mr. Sherman Tong

I am very thankful to all the supporters, the committee members, the former Presidents, especially Mr. Eric Ma and Mr. Victor Law, for the forthcoming voluntary works, and I am proud of you all in supporting MEGS all the events, no matter the score is good or bad, or any disputes may arise, it all mean competitions.

For your information, the details of the format of play of 2017 events, including the annual play-off, the President Cup are posted in the website. The up & down handicap adjustment remains as last year but there is slight change on the division A/B movement that endorse with 45/55 % of the total members as cut in guideline. Details of such are also posted in MEGS website.

One good news is that we have the sponsor for the 2017 annual play-off game and is titled "White Hippo Ltd" Tournament. Thanks to our new member - Mr. David Yu. Details of the prizes of the play off will be announced very soon.

Meanwhile, please also be informed that the hole in one sponsorship is suspended from Jan 2017 until further notice.

For the proposed event schedule and the updates members list, please see the files enclosed herewith.

Last but not least, I thank you again for the sponsorship and support in MEGS and wish you all a wonderful time in 2017.

Sincerely Yours

Jackie Wong

F & P