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Annual Award

( Effective from January 2015 )

1.0 Best Players – Annual Award

From 2015, MEGS has changed the format of deciding on the best players of the year. It will be chosen based on points system and the competition in 2015 is called MEGS Annual Award.

Monthly Competitions – January to September

The current monthly competitions continue and the format, which is based on Stableford points of 18 holes competition, remains unchanged. From January to September of each year, in each competition, the winners of both Divisions A and B will be awarded MEGS Annual Award (AA) Points as follows:
Position MEGS Annual Award Points
First : 1,000 Points
Second : 700 Points
Third : 400 Points
Fourth : 300 Points
Fifth : 250 Points
Sixth to Tenth : 170 Points
All others : 100 Points
In the event of a tie between two or more players, there will be no count back and the MEGS AA Points of the players involved will be shared equally between them.
At the end of each month, the accumulated MEGS AA Points of each player will be published in MEGS web site.
After the September monthly competition, the top 16 players from each Division with the highest accumulated MEGS AA Points plus 4 most supportive members will be qualified to play in the Final Rounds.
The Final Rounds will be held in October (with total 20 qualified players from each division).
After the play-off, the best 16 players from each division will qualify to join November match; and then only the best 8 Scorer can join December Year End Competition.
The last 8 players who qualified for the Final Round in December match will be each firstly awarded HK$500.00.

Play-off Matches – October to December

Before the Play-off Matches, the qualified players will be awarded a different set of BBC Points. The new MEGS AA Points awarded to the winners in October are :

Position MEGS AA Points
First : 75,000 Points
Second : 74,250 Points
Third : 73,900 Points
Fourth : 73,550 Points
Fifth : 73,200 Points
Sixth : 72,850 Points
Seventh : 72,500 Points
Eighth : 72,150 Points
Ninth : 71,800 Points
Tenth : 71,450 Points
Eleventh : 71,200 Points
Twelfth : 70,950 Points
Thirteenth : 70,700 Points
Fourteenth : 70,450 Points
Fifteenth : 70,200 Points
Sixteenth and 4 Most supportive ( Jan to Sept ) members : 69,950 Points

The MEGS AA Points awarded in the first nine months to these players will not be counted in these Final Rounds.

From October to December of each year, the winners of both Divisions A and B in each Final Rounds will be awarded MEGS AA Points as follows:

Position MEGS AA Points
First : 6,750 Points
Second : 4,050 Points
Third : 2,550 Points
Fourth : 1,800 Points
Fifth to Tenth : 1,500 Points
Eleventh to Sixteenth : 0 Points

Throughout the competitions in October, November and December, the 16 qualified players will be entitled to compete and accumulate their MEGS AA Points, even if some of them may not take part in all three competitions.

After the final match in December, the 3 players of each Division, who are awarded with the highest MEGS AA Points in the three Final Rounds, will be declared the Best Player of the Year. These winners will be awarded with trophies and cash prices as follows :

Position HK $
Champion : 5,000.00
First Runner-up : 4,000.00
Second Runner-up : 3,000.00

Trophies and price money will be presented in the Annual Dinner.

Tiebreaker :

In the event of a tie at the end of the Final Rounds, the following tiebreak system will be used :

1. Highest finish in December
2. Highest finish in November

Note :

1. The MEGS Annual Awards of Best Gross and Highest Stableford will remain
unchanged. Prysmian Cable Challenge winners are also entitled to receive these two awards.

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