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President Cup Point 會長杯績分

2015 President Cup Format

(Effective as from January 2015)

1. General

The President Cup is an annual stroke-play competition to be held in September and competed between two teams, Mechanical (M) Team and Electrical (E) Team. The top sixteen members from each of these two teams, after counting the results of the monthly events from January to August, will be the President Cup players.

2. Team members

All members are categorized to be either M or E when they join MEGS.
M Team includes members who are serving in the trades of air-conditioning, mechanical, fire, lifts and escalators, plumbing and gas disciplines.
E Team includes members who are serving in the trades of electrical, electronics, building management systems and control disciplines. As the number of E Team members may be less than M Team, members who are not well distinguished shall be deemed as E Team members, such that the total number of players in each Team is about equal. Once a member has been categorized, it will be fixed unless otherwise approved by the Committee.

3. Team Captains

The Team Captain of the M Team and E Team are to be appointed by the President and responsible to coordinate and lead their teams in the competition.

4. Playing Format

January to August Monthly Event - Individual

In the first eight monthly events, a President Cup Board (PCB) is set up to record the performance for the M & E team members respectively. In each monthly event, no matter Div. A or B, the member who has scored the highest stableford point in his team will get three points. Members who have scored stableford points in the team’s second to fifth places will get two points, while the sixth to twelfth places will get one point. After eight rounds, the top sixteen members in the list monitored by the PCB will be qualified to represent their respective team in the September President Cup competition. In case the cut is not clear to identify the sixteenth place, the final decision shall depend on the Team Captain’s Pick.

September President Cup Competition

In September – President Cup Competition, the format of play will be Individual Match Play (without HCP adjustment). Match Play is a format in which the round is played with the goal of winning more individual holes than the opponent. Player who wins holes more will score 2 points for his team; and score 1 point for his team if tie. 16 pairs of golfers from each group will be paired and competed with each other. Pairing method will be decided and agreed with both Team Captains. The Team with the highest point won will be the Champion of the President Cup in the year.

* To avoid slow play, the maximum stroke in each hole should be only up to “double par plus one” (Note: for MEGS competition Lowest Score Award, player needs to finish the hole and records all stroke played in his score card). A player who “holes out in double par plus one” will win his opponent who fails to hole out after played “double par plus one” stroke.

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