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System 36 Format


How does System 36 work?

1 ) 2 points are awarded for pars or better

2 ) 1 point is awarded for bogies.

3 ) No point for double bogie or worse.

4 ) After playing the round, add all the points together

5 ) Subtract the result in (4) above from 36.

6 ) The resulting number becomes the handicap for the round

7 ) Based on the handicap obtained in (6) above, work out the Stableford points

Example 1 : A player scored 8 pars and 2 bogies, the rest are double bogies or
worse. Under System 36, he scored 18 points. Taking 18 away from 36,
that means his handicap for the match is 18. Then work out his
Stableford points hole by hole.

Example 2 : A player scored 2 birdies, 8 pars, 4 bogies and the rest are worse
than double bogies. Under the system, he scored 24 points. Taking 24
away from 36, his handicap would be 12.

Advantages of System 36

1. No need to verify individual’s handicap in advance

2. The most consistent player on the day will normally win (96.7%), which is
one of the most important objectives of an amateur competition.

Disadvantages of System 36

1. Most suitable for competitions with players on handicap 12 or above. Single
handicapper may have a slight advantage (but statistically not more than 3.7
Stableford points).

2. Definitely not suitable for handicap 7 or lower.

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