MEGS Leaderboard 英雄榜

Handicape Update 最新差點

President Cup Point 會長杯績分

Texas Scrammable Format

1. Only Current Members of MEGS are elligible to participate.

2. Each team will consist of 2 players and it’s open for you to find your partner from our Current Member List.

If you can’t find your partner, you may only register yourself and the committee will chose the partner for you.

3. Minimum total Handicap Index for a team of 2 players is 28. Absent Members are required to attach his updated recognised (within 3 months) Handicap Card with the return Entry Form. The Committee reserved their right to adjust the Absent Members’ declared Handicap Index. Updated Handicap Index of Current Members is attached.

4. Two teams will be allocated to play by the Committee.

5. On each hole, each player of a Team drives in turn and the better tee shot is selected by the Team. The balls selected will then be played where it lies by the players whose ball is chosen. The selected ball can not be lifted except the appropriate rules apply. After playing his shot, his partner will then drop his ball within one club length from the selected ball lie, but not nearer to the hole, and play the second shot. Next better shot is then selected in a similar manner. This process is repeated until a player has holed out. Strokes played for the teams on each hole will be recorded.

6. At least 6 tee shots are to be selected and played from each player during the 18 holes. There is no restriction on the number of times the 2nd and subsequent shots are selected. Tee shots selected must be recorded on the score cards returned.

7. If the selected balls are in a hazard or bunker, his partner’s ball must be dropped inside the hazard or bunker.

8. When the green is reached, the selected balls can be marked, lifted and cleaned.

The team may decide which player to putt first. All balls have to be placed within 6 inches from the selected location, but not nearer to the hole, and putt until a player has holed out. Do not tap in the ball in case of missed putts as it deprives your fellow partner from making his putt. No gimmie will be allowed.

9. Strokes played for each hole for a team will then be marked on team’s score card.

10. These processes will then be repeated for all remaining 17 holes.

11. Team handicap will be sum of the 2 players’ course handicaps and divided by 4 up to 2 decimal points..

12. Team net scores will then be calculated based on team gross strokes less team handicap.

13. Count-back over the last 9, 6, 3, 1 holes will be adopted in case of ties. Team handicap will not be used for count–back.

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