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Handicap Index

( Effective from January 2015 )

Every MEGS Member shall have a Handicap Index (HI) given representing his golfing ability.
The period for seasonal adjustment was agreed as TWO (2) times a year; ie. Jan-Jun & July-Dec at each year. (Effective as from January 2015)

Maximum Handicap Index (HI)

The maximum HI given to all Members is 25.

Members’ Current Handicap Index

See every month updated Result Sheet in MEGS Web site

Handicap Adjustment System

Upward Adjustment

HI upward adjustment will be carried out in end June & December based on the player's stableford points scored in the past six-month period, but provided that the player has played at least THREE matches in the six-month period, otherwise no adjustment will be entertained.
Adjustment calculation is as per below, and still subject to a maximum HI of 25.

i) Number of match played during six-month period Number of match used to calculate average Best Stableford
4-6 2
3 1
0-2 0
ii) Average Best Stableford points scored in the six-months matches Handicap Index Upward Adjustment
Average points above 30 0
Average at 30 or above 28 plus 1
At 28 and below plus 2

Monthly Downward Adjustment

HI downward adjustment will be made after each monthly event based on the stableford point scored and
course handicap played by the player, with accordance to the USGA Handicap Adjustment Chart ( see below ).
The USGA Chart gives the adjustment number referring to the player's course handicap and net score.
The HI adjustment number shall be normalised by multiplying 113 and then divided by the course slope rating.
The player's new HI will be the original HI minus the normalised adjustment number.

Course Handicap Adjustment in each game

In every monthly event, every player's course handicap will be adjusted according to the course slope rating.
For example, if HI is 17.2 and the course slope rating is 123, will be calculated as 17.2 x 123 / 113 = 18.7,
with round up >0.5 = 1, thus the player with HI 17.2 will get course handicap 19.

Amended by 2015 Handicap Manager

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